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Welcome to DragonMUD

DragonMUD returns from a brief haitus! Founded 5 July 1991 in Aachen, Germany, DragonMUD is one of the oldest surviving AberMUDs in the world. Since its inception, Dragon has experienced numerous changes, yet remains true to a long tradition of friendship and fun, welcoming players new and old with equal warmth. Many AberMUD Gods spent their newbie days playing Dragon and joining our venerable wizlist. We'd love to see your name there, too.
More than a mere text-based online game, Dragon is a classic Multi-User Dimension offering escape into a fantastic world of Orcs and Elves, Wizards and Dragons, and a few creatures encountered nowhere else. As home of the DragonSofties, many monsters roam Dragon looking for mortals to attack, but relations between players are friendly and player-killing is not allowed, aside from Arena matches and rare tournaments.
The pages of this website contain information about how to play, the history of Dragon, links to Powers and Immortals, Mud Party pics, newsletter issues, logs of ceremonies, and a guide for building new areas.
And last but not least, there is a page where you can connect to the MUD via a java client. We invite you to enter the Dragon.
Happy Mudding!